Keen On Green

Whenever possible, J2 takes every precaution to distribute eco-friendly products. We distribute full lines of Earth friendlier oils, antifreeze, janitorial supplies and other products. To see those lines please Click Here 


Janitorial products

  • Work with manufacturers to provide as many bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, ecologically responsive, non-toxic products as possible.
  • Also, encourage our customers to switch to recycled products when such products are available and new products introduced to the market.
  • We specifically highlight and promote all J2 products that carry any environmentally approved seal, such as U.S. EPA Design for the Environment, Green Seal Certified, Design for USDA Bio-Preferred.

Compressed Natural Gas Lubricant Provider

  • Full line of OEM approved products.
  • Currently supplying one of the largest fleets in Central Indiana
  • Also supply hydraulic fluids and other oil related products for equipment used for CNG pumping station. 


Re-refined Oil

  • J2 offers Patriot Oil™, which is re-refined oil, and it is manufactured in compliance with all API and SAE standards.
  • We use a closed-loop system whereby we can collect used oil, have it re-refined locally, and blend it to customer specification--ALL here in Indianapolis.


Re-refined antifreeze

  • Provide re-refined antifreeze, after retrieving used antifreeze. Using a reverse osmosis process resulting in a significantly reduced environmental footprint and a continuous use product with all the same properties of virgin antifreeze.


Parts washers

  • J2 has been selected to supply environmentally friendly, non-hazardous solvent to be used in the cleaning process by one of the US Army's largest Depots, with the spent solvent being re-used NOT as a hazardous waste, but to manufacture asphalt shingles. Thus, nearly 100% sustainability as opposed to waste.