Our Team

james-bioJames L. Leonard, Founder & President/CEO, as founder and CEO of J2, retired U.S. Army Colonel James Leonard has established himself as a goal-oriented leader in servicing government entities and corporate clients. During his over 20 years of impeccable dedication to the U.S. Armed Forces, he developed an intimate understanding of procurement, contracting, and government regulations. He held key positions such as Commander, U.S. Army Finance Command, Director of Defense Finance and Account Service (DFAS) - Army Contract payments which exceeded $27 billion annually. He supervised over 700 military, civilian, and foreign national employees. Leonard also served as a Contracting Officer Representative (COR), at a 4-Star Command, and held a special compartmented top-secret clearance for supporting clandestine and special forces military operations. He obtained a BS from The University of North Florida, a MSBA from Boston University, and an BA in Accounting from Butler University (Summa Cum Laude).



ron-bioRon Pinkney, Business Development Manager, is responsible for business development and establishing a supply chain to service new business. Since J2's inception in May 2007, Ron has served as a business development consultant and was recently selected to manage the entire process. After serving two tours in the Air Force, Ron obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of North Dakota, followed by a move to Indianapolis, Indiana to become a real estate broker and investor. With several years of direct sales experience, appearing in several national advertising and training commercials, coupled with his rare people skills, he has truly added value and a unique customer service dimension to the J2 team.



rickey-bioRickey Steenberger, Office Manager, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the office. Accounting, payroll, purchasing, and customer service flows through her. Rickey is responsible for the preparation and submission of all bids to new and existing customers. Prior to joining the J2 Team, Rickey worked for ESI Environmental, Inc., where she gained experience which is reflected in her invaluable knowledge and multi-tasking capabilities displayed in her day-to-day management of the entire office.



jim-bioJames "Jim" Ibaugh, IT Manager, is responsible for all IT support functions, connectivity and operations. His focus on design and architecture of billing and information systems culminated in a 27 year career with AT&T/Ameritech where he served as , analyst, programmer and management team leader. He holds a B.S. in Computer Technology from Purdue University.