Why Hire a Veteran


We collectively have dedicated over 60 years of honorable service to our great country.  We have served directly or in support of operations "Eagle Claw", "Bright Star", Urgent Fury", "Earnest Will", "Classic Resolve", "Just Cause", "Desert Shield", "Desert Storm", "War on Terror", "Enduring Freedom", and "Iraqi Freedom". 




Our experience in the business world, and as veterans makes J2 a formidable partner across many industries that contributes to the success of any company with whom we partner. We consider it an honor to adhere to a Veterans First Hiring Policy whenever possible.

When J2 was just getting started, the challenges of transitioning from the military to the corporate world were enormous. Most profound was the difficulty of establishing profitable business relationships competing with small businesses' that have long-standing, entrenched relationships with both customers and suppliers. J2 and its leadership team, after standing in the gap for freedom for years all over the world, could only overcome this fortified obstacle with a few vendors and customers showing their patriotism by extending J2 an opportunity to continue to serve.

  • J2 veterans are among the less that 1% of Americans that served in the military.
  • We did whatever and went wherever our country needed us.
  • Help us turn the page to help other veterans and live out our American Dream
  • Even though we have put down our weapons...we can and want nothing more than the opportunity to continue to serve.

"Working with a veteran is an initiative that has gotten national attention. Veterans, by sheer nature of their training and commitment to the execution of assignments, have proven to have a number of characteristics that are vital to success in the current economic climate. These characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership readiness
  • Composure and creativity under pressure
  • Big picture understanding, relentless attention to detail
  • The ultimate team player mentality
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Habitual goal orientation
-Shane Robinson, Contributor, Forbes Magazine



We collectively have dedicated over 60 years of honorable service to our great country.